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Ipod options in vintage cars without hacking your car

I have 2 set ups here for whatever mood I'm in: Redi-Rad, basically a Ipod/cd player transmitter for your AM radio. It's a mono-phonic sound through the dash ...

  • boy game magazine outrun caranddriver cardriver

    OutRun Feature in June 2012 Car and Driver Magazine

    PHOTO: ROBERT KERIAN ARTICLE: JOHN PEARLEY HUFFMAN www.caranddriver.com/features/game-boy-how-a-sega-outrun-... Toe in to a new car’s throttle, and you’re asking a computer to send air and fuel into the engine....

    Photo by G A R N E T on Flickr

  • county metal vintage movie theatre michigan honor drivein panasonic 1953 cinemascope benzie northernmichigan us31 cherrybowl fz18 jimflix

    The Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre

    Nothing fancy -- just plain fun. There's something special about watching the movies under the stars on a gorgeous summer night. The screen here is continually filled with a nostalgic drive-in experience from vintage...

    Photo by jimflix! on Flickr

  • arizona classic car vintage automobile antique auction scottsdale collector barrettjackson


    This '49 Cadillac has been taken to the next level with a full custom build to make it into a very unique Street-Rod. Under the hood is a pro-built 454cid V8 with Vortec fuel injection and backed by a user-friendly...

    Photo by jwinfred on Flickr

  • Carroll's Online Proprietorship Launches Website Featuring Quality Music Gear

    11/14/16 ,via

    The website offers a ample variety of music gear including car audio systems, CD players and burgeoning boxes, DJ equipment, stereo headphones, musical instruments, PA systems, speakers, and vintage turntables. Carroll was inspired by the decisive role that 

  • What to Do this Weekend

    11/17/16 ,via

    Some antiques, but will also check many quality furniture pieces, vintage items, rustics, collectibles & oddities. Auction is unshakable paced 10th Annual Stillwater Car and Bike Show – at McVey Arena, unhampered to visitors, $20 per show car with early

  • Don't believe of Amazon Echo as just a speaker. It's a whole new way of life

    10/21/16 ,via

    Stephanie Palermo wasn't interested in living in a “astute home” outfitted with web-connected appliances controlled remotely by phone or computer. She didn't trouble her fridge to have Wi-Fi or her blinds to close themselves. But when Amazon temporarily 

  • Cal Automotive Creations' Aide-de-camp 1962 Chevy is a Showstopper, Too

    11/02/16 ,via

    Howard located the 1962 Chevy in Incline, Oregon, and since Andy was already in Pleasanton, California, for a car show, he drove to Oregon to pick up the 1962 and hauled the car back to Nebraska. The substitute The other six speakers hide behind pressed

  • Can the 2018 Atlas Sell Volkswagen to Success?

    10/31/16 ,via

    Unveiled surrounded by a number of classic Beetles and Microbuses, Volkswagen says the Atlas marks “a new chapter in the gathering's American history.” Indeed Options include a 12 speaker, 480 watt Fender Stiff Audio System (Volkswagen's most advanced

Can the 2018 Atlas Transport Volkswagen to Success?

The Santa Monica Column was a curious place for Volkswagen to debut its all-new Atlas SUV. On the one hand, the pier is a feature: the proverbial paradise at the end of historic Route 66. On the other, it’s a plank over the edge of the Pacific Tons, and the way off is a 2,451 mile long road that winds through some of the most uninviting terrain in North America. The Atlas’s debut was...

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  • The Antique Automobile


    Includes a tenth anniversary issue, dated Nov. 1945.

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  • 4 Must-Have Features for a Terrific Tailgate

    09/09/16 ,via

    This is when a car with a authoritative stereo comes into play. The absolute perfect choice here would be a 2016 Settle on Rover Range Rover with the optional 29-speaker Meridian sound system and HD and dependant radio, but if you’re looking for something a bit more ...

  • Jaguar-Get Rover to offer classic car ice driving school

    09/09/16 ,via

    Charges OUT: Driving a vintage Lotus at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Not only won't these vehicles have any of the current control systems mentioned above, most won't even have power steering. As a upshot, the cars will do only what you tell them to ...

  • Community Soundings: Grants, speakers and more

    09/09/16 ,via

    http://www.dariennewsonline.com/hearsay/article/Community-Soundings-Grants-speakers ... parking or car purse. For more information or to register for the Darien Road Race, go to darienroadrace.org or call 203-655-8775. Annual Maritime golf timeless Birdies ...